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Fleet Washing

Your vehicle fleet says a lot about your company. Maintaining clean vehicles shows customers and prospective clients that you care about your business' quality. It also creates easier maintenance schedules and eliminates fines and delays.  

Fleet Washing

When it comes to fleet detailing /washing services, it can be difficult to find the time, the manpower and the expertise to clean them regularly. This causes the vehicles to undergo a great deal of stress and can vastly reduce their overall value. In order to ensure we are able to help extend the life of your fleet, protect your brand, and keep them in excellent condition, we have tailored our services to better serve you. We understand that many companies need their vehicles during normal business hours – which is why we come to you and service your fleet after hours or on weekends. Our team will detail it overnight and have ready for you first thing in the morning. 




  • Provide a clean and professional image

  • Fast turn-around time

  • Flexible billing options

  • Maintenance reports

  • Overnight services available

  • Save time and money by extending the life of your fleet

  • The convenience of mobility (We come to you)





Prices may vary based on quantity of vehicles, frequency, and level of detailing requested.

Convenient & Efficient

Our on-site crew is dedicated to servicing your fleet. Each account is assigned a dedicated supervisor who will conduct routine follow-up assessments for quality control. Contact us today for an evaluation and quote


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