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Unique Valentine's Day gift ideas

5. A wine subscription ($40- $$)

Now this is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Your valentine will receive 1,2,3 or 4 different bottles of wine every month for a year. Your valentine will think of you every time the delivery arrives...and long after. 1(888)980-9463 or visit

4. Couples cooking class ($49-$90)

You (and possibly the love of your life) will enjoy an evening of cooking. Culinary classes are fun, sexy and best of all, you don't have to do dishes! You and your valentine will have an evening to remember. Classes are offered at Sur La Table (800)243-0852 or visit

3. An Indoor Picnic ($20 - $$$)

Sometimes you really DON’T want to go out - and we get it! Of course you still want a romantic night with your valentine. This date idea has all the elements of a fun evening with a romantic flair. Grab your valentines' favorite food, wine, flowers, blankets, candles, plates, napkins/utensils and music. Don't forget dessert served on one plate with 2 spoons. *make it extra special, by having her favorite scented candle. you can find these items at your local Target, Walmart or

2. A professionally detailed vehicle ($150 -$450)

There's nothing like sitting in a professionally detailed vehicle. Giving the gift of time and a "like-new" vehicle is one to be desired. Schedule a detail as a surprise or purchase a Gift Card, your valentine will love it! A professional detail by Mobile Detailers Inc(they come to you) will surely bring you praises. (954)997-0301 or visit

1. A Gift Card or subscription

Although some may say it's impersonal, I disagree. Thinking about someone's coffee every morning for the next 6 months is thoughtful. An Amazon Prime subscription? I'll take it! A pre-ordered book before it's released? … Yes! Having my car cleaned every month for the next year? A winner! Whatever gift you choose to give this valentine's Day, give it with love.

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