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Maintenance Packages

We believe loyalty should be appreciated. That's why we created a VIP plan to reward your loyalty

Car Detailing Maintenance package


NOTE: This package is designed for maintainance, 

  • Hand wash and dry exterior

  • Deep clean wheels and tires

  • Apply tire dressing  

  • Interior  vacuum  & wipedown

  • Clean windows & mirrors

  • Clean dashboard & door jambs

  • Clean vents, panels &cup holders 

  • Air freshener (Optional)

The maintenance packages allow you to preschedule your appointments on a specific day and time to have your vehicle(s) maintained. Our packages are designed to conveniently fit into your busy lifestyle,

We come to you

As a VIP, we come to you for regular  maintenance services

Priority Scheduling

Preschedule and reserve specific days and times


VIP's receive discounts,  perks and upgrades on services

Easy billing

Convenient billing with credit cards or invoicing

Keep your vehicle in great condition all year long with one of our maintenance packages

Maintaining a clean and protected vehicle can be a lot of work. This can be a huge inconvenience for you.

Regular maintenance of your vehicle is critical to retaining its value and longevity.

Neglecting to take care of your investment can lead to permanent damage to the interior and exterior.

Protect your investment

Maintenance package pricing is contingent upon block scheduling. 

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