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The secret to streak-free windows

Updated: Jan 9

Cleaning car windows may seem simple for most of us but it is actually more complicated than you expect. Here are some things you should keep in mind so your car will have streak-free windows after you wash your car.

Do not clean your car’s windows in direct sunlight A hot window surface will cause the cleaning solution to dry up even before it is wiped down, causing streaks and smudges. Do your cleaning when it is overcast or shady instead. Clean the windows after washing your car This will avoid wax, soap, grime and other contaminants from smearing the cleaned windows. Choose the right product The cleaner should be powerful enough to remove tough marks like nicotine and bug stains on the windshield but gentle enough not to cause damage to the glass surface. Use a high-quality microfiber towel A microfiber’s tight weave scrubs glass stains more efficiently. This type of towel won’t scratch the surface because dirt and debris are attracted to the cloth with an electrostatic charge and not dragged across the glass. It also won't leave behind lint particles. Bonus***Make sure the towels are clean Clean the inside and outside of windows The inside of your car’s windows needs as much cleaning as the outside. Parts of the car’s interior emit gasses that cause film build-up on the inner side of the window. Spray cleaning agent on the towel and not directly on the window to avoid overspray and contamination of clean areas. Maintain windshield wipers Dirty wipers can also cause streaking. Clean the wipers with a damp cloth each time you wash your car’s windshield. Treat tinted windows differently Avoid using ammonia-based cleaning products on tinted windows as ammonia damages the film used for window tinting. Use cleaning products specially designed for cleaning tinted windows to avoid the tint film from cracking or peeling. PH-neutral and ammonia-free cleaners are recommended because they are gentle on the tint film yet strong enough to remove stubborn dirt. Loosen up debris using a soft, dry cloth. Avoid abrasive cleaning tools that will scratch the tint. Use only water in cleaning the inside of tinted windows, using vertical strokes when wiping. Prevent bubbles from forming under the tint film by wiping in the direction of the film. If this seems too overwhelming, you always have the option of getting the services of a professional detail shop like Mobile Detailers Inc. Contact us now to have clean, streak-free windows and windshields.

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